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Our Founder

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Alex Medrano, an entrepreneur, speaker, investor, spiritual leader, and founder of Transcend Personal Mastery Group, is teaching speakers, investors and business owners how to turn their life story and experiences into a vision that will impact their lives and generations to come.

Alex brings a unique approach to coaching, speaking, life changing transformation and inspirational knowledge. By combining his business, investing, teaching strategies and his proven skill set, Alex makes a talented world class leader.

Alex is a self-improvement leader and a master at helping others achieve their full potential. His conferences at Transcend Personal Mastery Group draw in an audience from all over the world to experience transformational breakthroughs in their lives and in their business.

He is on a mission to guide others through a personal mastery course; gaining skills in speaking, investing, and personal development. Through his program, Alex is determined to reach audiences world-wide and spread his message and knowledge through his experiences and learned skills.

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